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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Global Case Writing Competition

Win up to $10,000 and get published! Submission requirements here. Join our webinar on Dec. 13th.

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Health Tech Global Case Writing Competition

Win up to $3,000 and get published! Submission requirements here. Join our webinar on Jan. 17th.

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Breaking Bread: DEIB Challenges Impact a Peruvian Corporation's Potential
This case combines a strategy issue (merger) encompassing the disciplines of organizational behavior and human resource management. Issues related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) are intertwined in the…
Publication Date: 09/14/2023 Product ID: 5-915-152
Brand Extension through Innovation: Sound Agriculture Sustainably Grows the Greens
This case follows the decision-making process of Erik Wolfe, senior product marketing manager at Sound Agriculture, an agriculture technology company, to develop a go-to-market strategy for a new product. Founded…
Publication Date: 09/14/2023 Product ID: 1-024-750
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives at Levi Strauss & Co.: Are They Enough?
First Place Winner; 2023 DEI Global Case Writing Competition American clothing company Levi Strauss & Co. (LS&Co.) had a diverse workforce and prided itself on not discriminating against employees based…
Publication Date: 09/14/2023 Product ID: 7-608-932
Lifting the Vail: Largest U.S. Snow Sports Resort Operator Takes on Climate Change
Vail Resorts, one of the world’s largest snow sports resort management companies, faces serious climate change issues. For years, the organization tried to deal with rising temperatures and less snowfall…
Publication Date: 07/20/2023 Product ID: 1-245-836
A&E Shirts, LLC: Assessing First Month Financial Performance
Offering solid practice for students of accounting, this exercise presents A&E Shirts LLC, a budding retail company that is balancing its books for its first month of business operations. The…
Publication Date: 06/27/2011 Product ID: 1-429-182
Grainger: Re-engineering an International Supply Chain
Grainger is a distributor of MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations) equipment, based in the US. Most revenues were from the US in 2008, but Grainger was positioning itself to expand…
Publication Date: 12/10/2010 Product ID: 1-429-084

Featured Cases

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2023 DEI Global Case Writing Competition Winners Selected

This year's winners are announced. The 2023 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Global Case Writing Competition, managed by the William Davidson Institute (WDI) at the University of Michigan generated 26 cases from seven countries. Now in its third year, the contest is supported by the Ross School of Business. The partnership will be renewed with a fourth competition in 2024.

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Energy-Focused Business Education: WDI Launches a New Case Study Contest

A global energy transition is underway. WDI's latest case writing competition aims to increase the pool of higher education case studies on this topic.

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How Gender Lens Investing Works for Both Business and Society

WDI participated in the consortium of impact investment firms and studied the effects of a relatively new type of gender lens investing strategy: gender smart technical assistance (TA) activities.

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